Keynote: Backpack Blogging for Business

Start your Blog Camp experience off by hearing from content creator and lapsed journalist, Jeff Cutler. He’s been creating messaging, blog posts, videos, photos and even podcasts for companies and individuals for decades. If you recognize the names Brookstone, UNO’s, Ford Motor Company, Fidelity Investments, IDG, Google and Adobe, you’ve got a taste of the caliber of businesses who have hired Jeff to help with their communications.

In this keynote – aside from reminding you to drink your coffee, charge your devices and enjoy yourself – Jeff will try to work you into a frenzy with new methods for looking at the content you already have right in front of you.

People are increasingly mobile and ridiculously distracted. Take control of their eyeballs with content that’s interesting, valuable and fun. Learn the easiest way to get a blog post written; the right way to connect with mainstream media; the most important element about your videos; and much more. Finally, you’ll go away with a few strategies that will help you work more efficiently, examples of the companies that do content right, and an equipment list of the gear you can rely on when crafting your own content.

This session is worth the price of admission…come armed with your questions, too as Jeff will do his best to solve your challenges.

Location: Date: October 21, 2017 Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am Jeff Cutler